June 2018

It is sad to see most people ignoring their elderly parents as they get too busy with their own lives. One should remember that the way we treat our parents are observed by our children who will follow the same way of treatment to us in the future when we become incapable as ageing is inevitable. Read the tips below to know what you can do different to appreciate your parents for all they have done for you.

Visit them often.

Whether your parents are on their own or in aged care, visit them at least once a week. Do not postpone the date at any cost. Just visiting them and spending a day with them will make up their day. Elderly parents have a lot of time on their hands and they would love to talk with you. May be even take your whole family. There is no better pleasure for your parents than playing with or telling stories to their grandchildren. When you do visit, make sure you give all your attention to them and not to work or do other things. Even a holiday with your parents sounds like a good idea.

Be mindful of their health.

Health deterioration is inevitable in the elderly but there are many things you can do to optimize their condition. Physically, if necessary, aged care services from Trinity Manor may be allocated to take care of them better; they may need to take to their doctors’ appointments, get walking aids or spectacles. Psychologically you must allow them to be in a peaceful environment and your company provided regularly. Socially, if they are capable, allow them to do activities of their own, like take a walk in the park, and take them to meet their friends and family. All this will keep their mood and spirits uplifted.

Support them financially.

When we were young, parents did everything they could to make money to supply all our needs whether it was food, shelter, clothes or education. Some are fortunate to save up for their future but not all. You may need to support them financially as required and never hesitate to do this. They may also need you to take care of their finances as they won’t be able to handle them on their own anymore. Be genuine and take that responsibility, it is your duty. Your parents will not live forever, one day they will leave you and you will miss them greatly. Take a note of the tips above and make their last days the best days of their life.